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Book 3:
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Book 2:
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It's been well over a hundred years since the last war ended and the King was slain, leaving the people bereft of leadership for the first time in ages. Gradually the knowledge of strange magic, fire-breathing dragons and other powerful creatures has faded, along with much of what was once known of the days when all were united under the royal banner. Now, there are some who whisper of an evil stirring in secret, but most ignore such tidings without any regard for what takes place outside his own borders. Such is the time that Daedrin finds himself, concerned only with building a future with Marin despite the disapproval of his father. But in the midst of peace the whispers prove all too true when his village is attacked, and in the wake of the assault Daedrin solemnly vows to uncover the identity of those responsible. Fueled by loss and blinded by the blood-lust in his heart, can our hero do what he must without becoming the very evil he seeks to destroy?
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