The Redemptive Chronicles
Book 3:
Coming 2021
Book 2:
Coming 2019
Adored By Critics and Readers
"... Retribution won a silver 5-star award from the popular online editorial magazine Readers Favorite just six months from its initial publication, and it has received glowing support from its readers...“ –

"... D.M. Kurtz manages to capture your attention and keep you hooked from the very first page... I enjoyed Retribution immensely and strongly suggest you add it to your own personal library." - Nik, Crystal Reviews

“…The Redemptive Chronicles will be fantasy on an epic scale and Retribution sets the tale up nicely… All the elements of good fantasy are present in Retribution; mind control, politics, and greed for power. Throw in a few dragons and you have a great book with all the makings of a fantasy classic.” – Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers Favorite

“This is my first of which I hope are many books by D.M. Kurtz.” – Sarah James

“I love this book. The characters were well written and easy to bond with.” – ShutterBug_76

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